Classical Steam, Diesel & Gas Turbine Propulsion

A wide variety of propulsion systems ranging from classical steam ships to modern diesel and Gas Turbine (GT) driven ships utilizing fixed / controllable pitch propellers, Jet thrusters etc for propelling the vessel are being used. The power rating of the vessels is ranging from 500 HP to 18,000 HP.

Full Electric Propulsion/Integrated Electric Propulsion

In order to stay abreast with modern propulsion trends, it is being considered to acquire / operate full / integrated electric propulsion. Instead of a prime mover directly driving the propeller, propulsion will be through electric motors driven by a diesel or GT based prime mover.


Presently a variety of drives configuration are being used for propulsion. These include conventional straight drive utilizing shaft glands, bulkhead bearings, A / P brackets bearings and ā€˜Zā€™ drive. In addition, Marine jet Propulsion (MJP) and surface drive are also being used. Moreover, hovercraft utilizing air as a propulsion media instead of sea water are also in use.


Surface Warriors Submarine Force Air Arm Marine & SSGN
Surface Warriors Submarine Force Air Arm Marine & SSGN