Computer Hardware

A variety of Computer Hardware is used in PN ranging from ordinary PC / Laptops to Servers, Storage Area Network (SANs) etc.


Various commercial software like Windows, Linux, MS Office, Antivirus and other software are being used. Moreover, customized software including Inventory Management Systems, HR Management Systems and Office Automation Systems are also being used and remain a continuous requirement.

Networking Equipment

A large variety of networking equipment is used for Data Communication / transmission ranging from different types of Routers, switches and other renowned Networking equipment etc. In addition, Video Tele Conferencing (VTC) is also is being widely used.

Information Security Devices

Firewalls, encryptors and other info security devices are being used for implementation of Information Security Policies.


Surface Warriors Submarine Force Air Arm Marine & SSGN
Surface Warriors Submarine Force Air Arm Marine & SSGN